About EnglishVice Canes

EnglishviceCanes is run by Miss Em Stripewell, the very English Housemistress of EnglishviceCanes and her lifetime male partner. As the Housemistress at EnglishviceCanes and connoisseur of English Disciplinary arts for two decades, Miss Stripewell aims to bring high quality rattan punishment canes crafted to exacting high standards sought after by professional Disciplinarians and Caning Aficionados worldwide.

We exclusively carry only rattan punishment canes crafted out of fine quality kooboo and dragon rattans and also carry Tohiti/Malacca as well as Whangee canes.

All our rattan canes are crafted 'In House' exclusively by us to the exacting high standards of our Housemistress, Miss Stripewell and we are proud to have crafted canes that adorn the hands of leading pro Disciplinarians all over the world.

We were established in May 2013 and selling our fine rattan canes to caning enthusiasts all over the world since then.


We specialize in making English Scholastic Discipline Implements and no other implement personifies that description more than the cane.

We carry the widest selection of rattan canes anywhere and we craft our canes from top grade kooboo and dragon rattans sourced from Asia. If you are in the market for a cane crafted with quality and standards, you have come to the right place,

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